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"The World's #1 Support Center For Shed Haulers"

We don't hold to our #1. claim lightly. Our faith-based, non-profit organization is centered around a common vision - to see independent and employed shed haulers participate in operating successful, powerful, and impactful businesses. Our mission is to provide outstanding financial support, advice and best practices, software and other tools to the shed hauling industry across the nation.


It's like Health Care Sharing - But for shed hauling businesses.


Need advice? Need resources? The Brotherhood has it all.


Benefit from net-working with 100's of other businessmen.


We hold each other accountable for a better, stronger industry.

Don't carry the weight alone...

SHB Sharing Plan

Our SHB Sharing Plan is modeled similar to popular healthcare sharing ministries and is designed to help fellow haulers avert financial crisis, create a safety net for breakdowns, and provide general peace of mind. 

Real World Support

An integral part of your membership, SHB connects real world "boots on the ground" shed haulers, for advice, SOP's, access to the owner/operator workforce, shed industry software, and a 'ho' lot more.

community for shed haulers

Make Your Money Work For You

Loans & Investments

SHB connects borrowers and willing investors inside the shed hauling industry for the purchase of equipment and other needs. This is a win/win for both - business owners get access to the funds they need, and lenders can invest their funds with confidence, and boost the overall industry.


Get Exclusive Access to Our Private Facebook Group!

Ask questions, share resources, and network with hundreds of fellow shed-haulers.

What Makes Us Different?

Honestly, there's nothing out there like it. We are the world's first industry group for shed-haulers. We pull together for a common goal, using the power of combined resources, and business net-working, to create and promote strong, dynamic companies throughout the shed hauling industry.

As most of you know, I'm just a small town guy running older trucks. I have not reached the point to where I feel I can upgrade to a newer one. As a member of SHB I have a sense of relief knowing that when the time comes I won't have to talk to banks that have NO idea what it is I do.
I have had a good run of bad luck lately. I know that SHB is there for me when I need them. I have had a large amount of repair costs lately. I know the SHB is a place where guys like me can utilize (not take advantage) funds dependent on the term chosen for emergency repairs or unforeseen expenses.
SHB is a place of PEACE of mind. True BROTHERHOOD shared by folks in the same industry that understand the ups and downs better than anyone else. SHB is a bench mark to a united front to the shed hauling industry. Just 2 short years ago it was rare to see various drivers together and sharing. The Brotherhood has tightened relationships and spawned new ones. Definitely a force to recon with.

community for shed haulers

Dozerbrown Bristow

via Facebook

In the two years I have been part of the hauler group it’s been one of the most heart warming actions taken by a group of people. They truly believe in helping each other and absolutely kill it doing just that bringing people together and the builders are taking notice all the way down to the small shops. When the idea of a brotherhood came up and it was formed the reason I joined are many.. let’s touch on three: 1, I see what people are capable of when they actually care for others as much as they care about there own business. 2, The revolution that is happening in the barn hauling industry is nothing short of amazing. I still don’t understand why not more industry’s are taking advantage of people coming together like this, esp in the truck driving world. People that wouldn’t have even talked to each other are now friends. 3, The sharing plan is phenomenal (I’m not on one, I’m company driver) if I would be an independent, I would sign up yesterday already. The investor relations to buy newer equipment doesn’t get any better interest rates, especially if you're starting out. The discounts, the app, the help you will get starting out, is second to none. The industry’s best of the best are members!

community for shed haulers

Aaron Hershberger

via Facebook

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The SHB Membership...

  • Community Support & Networking Events
  • Access To Cost Sharing Plans
  • Access To Business Loans
  • Access To Business Investments
  • Exclusive Access To Our FB Group
  • Prizes, Giveaways, And A Lot More..

One annual fee gets you access to all this & more!

One annual fee gets you access to all this & more!

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