SHB app

Welcome to the Beta Release for the NEW SHB APP!

Managing Your Shed, RTO Or Shed Hauling Company Just Got Better!

Built by shed haulers, for shed haulers, the new Shed Hauler App introduces a new industry standard in seamless management of your shed hauling, shed manufacturing and/or RTO company!

Eliminate Paperwork

Get rid of the paper trail and manual tracking. The SHB app allows you to manage and record your entire process in the palm of your hand.

Easy Communication

Two-way chat, driver tracking, and team communication makes it easy to manage communication needs across your entire company. 

Get Paid Fast

The SHB App's built in payment system means you get paid quicker and easier with seamless invoicing, tracking, and customer records. 

And so much more..

Designed as the ultimate mobile app for managing all aspects of the shed industry, the SHB App is built to become the new industry standard. 

Contact Us Today To Get In Our Brand-New App!

Join our beta release program, use it, abuse it, and provide feedback for improvement! We will continue to constantly improve it and roll out new features based on popular request.

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