Fuel Discount Offer Is Launched For SHB Members

The long awaited fuel discounts for Shed Haulers Brotherhood members, is finally become a reality! Here's a short description of how it works.


About The Fuel Discounts Offered By Shed haulers brotherhood

#1. Only active SHB members are eligible

You need to be a member with an active membership account to get access to the SHB volume fuel discounts. If you're not a member yet, you can join below:

#2. How It Works

Elegible members get a convenient fuel card to use at every fuel stop in participating retailers nationwide. The card account is provided through Shed Haulers Brotherhood, and the amount used is automatically deducted from the member's card account.

#3. Available Discounts

By leveraging the massive buying power of the SHB members across the nation, Shed Haulers Brotherhood the organization, can negotiate volume discounts with fuel companies for all participating SHB members.

In addition, each participating fuel discount member will recieve discounts based on the volume of fuel used corporately, Plus the volume they use on their individual accounts. 

#4. how much is the Fuel discount?

Discount rates are based on volume from both corporate and indivdual use. The more you use, the bigger your discounts, and the more people and companies join the program, the more discounts are available!

Bottomline, the more "shed people" you can bring on board with you, the higher the potential savings will be for everyone!

The more people you bring on board, the higher the discounts will be for everyone!

Final Notes on SHB Fuel Discount Program

There are two more things that need addressed:

  • How do I get started?

  • Where can I use my fuel card?

As this is still a work in progress, the best way to have these or any other questions answered, is to send an email with the form below:

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