SHB Investments


The SHB Investments program is designed to connect willing investors to shed haulers needing equipment. Loan approval, terms, etc. will be on a per-case basis. Investors Do Not need to be an SHB Member in order to participate.

Investor Eligibility

Anyone can apply to become an Investor and they do not need to be an SHB member. Investors will need to submit an application form and agree to the legal terms of the loan in writing. 

Investment ROI

  • $1,000-$9,999 = 7.5% ROI
  • $10,000-$24,999 = 8.5% ROI
  • $25,000+ = 10% ROI

Loan Recipients

Recipients are in the shed, or shed hauling industry and a member of the Shed Haulers Brotherhood.

Loan Parameters

For All Loan Requests:

  • Title Lien
  • Credit Check
  • Requires 3 references to fund
  • Must meet board approval - The board reserves the right of refusal at all times
  • Member must be committed to excellence and integrity
  • Must be transparent. Loans will be published to the rest of the SHB members
  • SHB board members will strive to keep budget balanced
  • SHB facilitated


All investors in this program are subject to the SHB Investors Terms of Service.

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