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Shed Haulers Brotherhood is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization based in the United States and has nationwide coverage of services. The overall vision and day-to-day operations of the organization are carried out by an administrative team and organized as shown below:

Board Members (6)

Member nominated 12, elect 6. Regionally

Board members are responsible for helping make bylaws, decisions on funding, operations, and hiring of staff. They also carry voting responsibilities.

  • Voluntary 3 year term
  • 2 per year rotation
  • Must be a Shed Hauler
  • Treasurer: keeps budget
  • Secretary: keeps minutes
  • Chairman: organizes, moderates and runs meetings

Officers (2)

Two Positions: Financial Officer and Operations Officer

Officers are nominated by the Board Members. They must be in the shed industry to be eligible, and are responsible to work as a team with the Board in operations.

  • Voluntary Annual position
  • Appointed by the SHB Board.
  • Assist in administering needs
  • Voting Responsibilities
  • Must be from Shed Industry

Administrator (1)

Executive Officer hired by Board

  • Day-to-day operations
  • Work with officers
  • Executes funding
  • Voting responsibilities if needed to split tie
  • Experienced Hauler
  • Full time position
  • Base pay plus commission per account
    $25,000 annual plus commission
    10% annual commission
    5% monthly commission

Executive Admin/CEO

shed haulers brotherhood organization


Sam Byler

Founder, President, and CEO, Sam Byler takes orders from noone. Except the cat, that is.

SHB Officers

shed haulers brotherhood organization

Chief Operating Officer

Paul Stalnaker

COO, Paul, lives NC, where he is owner of Stalnaker Transport LLC. 

shed haulers brotherhood organization

Chief Financial Officer

Matt Eggleston

Matt, the CFO, hails from VA, where he is owner /operator at Lynchburg Sheds. 

2022 Board Members

shed haulers brotherhood organization

Board Member

Preston Kanagy

Preston works for CuttingEdge Transport and is an experienced shed hauler.

shed haulers brotherhood organization

Board Member

Caleb Miller

Caleb is an experienced shed hauler from TX

shed haulers brotherhood organization


Mervin Miller

From NC, Mervin has been in the shed industry for nearly 20 years.

shed haulers brotherhood organization

Board Member

Clem Yoder

From OH, Clem is the equipment operator at Clem Yoder Transport LLC

shed haulers brotherhood organization

Board Member

Mervin Vargas

Mervin is the owner at United Shed Transport in south-central TX.

shed haulers brotherhood organization

Board Member

Woody Stoltzfoos

Woody is a shed hauler from PA with years of experience behind the wheel.

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