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Meet the #1 Management App for Shed Haulers!

shed hauler app

Use the Shed Hauler App to Easily Manage Your Shed Hauling Biz

Managing your shed, RTO or shed hauling company just got better! Designed by, and for shed haulers, the Shed Hauler App provides precise management in every aspect of the shed hauling and delivery industry. 

By Shed Haulers, For Shed Haulers

Designed by shed haulers, for shed haulers, the Shed Hauler App offers complete, seamless management of your shed delivery process.

A Shed Hauler Industry Standard

Designed as the ultimate desktop + mobile app for managing all aspects of the shed hauling industry, the SHB App is the new industry standard. 

Scale Your Shed Delivery Biz

From in-app invoicing, to driver communication, to built in location sharing, the Shed Hauler App is here to help you scale your shed hauling biz.

shed hauler app

Intuitive Shed Hauling Management across the Shed Industry

The user-friendly desktop app offers hassle-free, intuitive systems management for admins and dispatchers in your shed manufacturing, shed hauling, or RTO business.

The Shed Hauler App is Ideal for Shed Haulers, Manufacturers and RTO Companies

See how the key aspects of the Shed Hauler App dashboard benefits shed industry companies.

  • For shed haulers

  • For shed manufacturers

  • For RTO companies

Manage Your Schedule

Get rid of manual processes and multiple apps. Manage and record your customers, calendar, paperwork, move jobs and more, right from your phone. 

Manage Customers

Save and easily stay in touch with your customers. Create notes, and save important records on your customer profiles for easy retrieval.

Location Sharing

Built-in location sharing lets your dispatch track your location in real time, easily communicate updates, and simplify scheduling.

Get Paid On Time

Create and send professional, branded invoices on the go or in the office. Make it easy to get paid on time with low processing fees for you.

shed hauler app

Communicate, Schedule & Get Paid On The Go

The Shed Haulers App on mobile for drivers! Download the app for a seamless mobile connection to your company dispatchers. It can also be used as a standalone app for owner/operators.

shed hauler app
shed hauler app

Inside The Shed Hauler Mobile App

The Shed Hauler Mobile App offers the driver's side management features of the desktop version in an easy to use, mobile app.

shed hauler app


Keep and run a complete schedule right from your phone whether deliveries, returns or move jobs.

shed hauler app


Keep tabs on your mileage and on-going costs, billing, RTO accounts, and track sheds, on the lot, and coming or going.

shed hauler app


Make it easy to communicate in real time with clients, dispatchers and other drivers in your network.

What Our Users Say

SHB Knows their stuff about the shed hauling industry! This company has consistent attention to detail and commitment to integrity. I recommend SHB Brotherhood to anyone needing a quality, easy-to-use system for your shed hauling needs!

Brennan Boylan

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Josh Samuel // Blogger

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George Dune // Developer

Simple, Straight Forward Pricing


SHB Member? Login Now to access additional 20% SAVINGS!!  




Basic Package

Everything in the app with access for one truck Owner/Operators

  • 1 Admin
  • 1 Dispatcher
  • 1 Driver
  • Access to the SHB app & Web Dashboard




Plus Package

Additional drivers and dispatchers for a growing company.

  • 1 Admin
  • 2 Dispatchers
  • 3 Drivers
  • Access to the SHB App & Web Dashboard




Premium Package

Get access at scale with additional admins, dispatchers & drivers.

  • 4 Admins
  • 4 Dispatchers
  • 8 Drivers
  • Access to the SHB app & Web Dashboard

The All Inclusive (Platinum) Package!


Get Unlimited Access To Everything The App Has To Offer!

  • Unlimited Admins
  • Unlimited Dispatchers
  • Unlimited Drivers
  • Access to the SHB app & Web Dashboard
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14-Day Free Trial. No Contracts.


Try the Shed Hauler App RISK-FREE for 14 days! Sign up, use it, and if you don't like it, you can cancel anytime within 14 days and you won't get charged a dime. 

If you love it, simply keep using it, and you'll be billed at the plan rate after your 14 days. There are also no contracts to sign. If the app ceases to bring value, simply cancel anytime. Your account will remain active until the next billing cycle.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I Try The App Before I Buy?

You can try our app for 14 days, risk free. If, for any reason, you are dissatisfied with the app, you can cancel within 14 days after your purchase and you won't be charged.

What Devices Are Supported?

Our Mobile App is supported on the following platforms:

  • iOS (iPhone, iPod touch, and/or iPad)
  • Android 6.0
  • Android 7.0
  • Android 8.0
  • Android 9.0
  • Android 10
  • Android 11
  • Android 12

Does The App Support Tablets?

You will need an internet connection to use the app. Tablets with a good internet connection are compatible with the SHB App


What's your cancellation policy?

You can try the app free for 14 days. Cancel anytime before your trial is up, and you will not be billed. After the 14 day trial, cancellation requests may be submitted via email or cancelled by logging into your Member Dashboard. When cancelling, no refunds are offered, and you will continue to have access until your next billing period.

How Do Payments Work On The App?

You will need to connect your app with a payment processor. (Currently only Stripe is available). From there, you can create & share invoices & payment links to get paid instantly. Payments are associated with your customer list for easy reporting.

Are There Any Hidden Fees?

There are no hidden fees or extra charges. When you sign up for the app, you'll be charged once a month on the renewal date, beginning after your 14 day trial expires. That's it!

The Shed Hauler App

Simplify & Scale Your Shed Hauling Business Today!

Get started today with a 14 day RISK-FREE demo, and see for yourself how the Shed Hauler App will help you simplify and grow.

shed hauler app
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