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Welcome to the NEW SHB Website!

Hey friend, glad you're here! If this is your first time on the new Shed Haulers Brotherhood website, we want to say thanks for stopping by, and allow us to show you around!


About the Website

The SHB website has two main areas: 
  • A "Public" main-website area where you'll find all the info about Shed Haulers services, mission, and other publicly available information. Browse the various pages for information or Contact Us for questions.
  • The "Members Area" where members can login and access all their member benefits! Member benefits, include steep discounts on the SHB app and various other services and products, as well as access to all the SHB services. (See the Membership page for more.)

Becoming A Member

Wondering how to join?

Here's how:

Navigate to the Membership page. Click on an appropriate button to be taken to the pricing page. 

Click the button to create your account and add your billing information. Click the "Submit" button to complete the payment and to create your account.

Review the information on the "Thank-you Page" for your login credentials to access your new Members Area!

Click the "Get Pricing" button on the "Memberships" page to get started!

The Members Area

Getting Access to the Members Area

If you're not currently an SHB member, please refer to the step above to get started.

If you Already Are a member, simply click "Login" in the main menu on top of this page. You will then enter the username and password you used to set up your account. After login, you will automatically be redirected to your member home page!

If you are a member but don't have your login credentials, (For instance, you joined before this website existed) the SHB admin will email you with special instructions to get in. 

Please Contact Us if you have any trouble getting access to your account!


It's a Brand New Website!

You may notice not all the pages are complete/are missing information. 

Don't panic, it just means this site is still under construction and will be live soon!

If, however, you do notice something amiss that shouldn't be there, let us know! We're constantly improving and if you find typos or something missing that needs to be there, or any other bugs, letting us know, helps us squash them, and improve the experience for everyone.


If you're an SHB Member:

The best way to get in touch is either on our private FB group, and message an admin, or emailing us on the contact page. (Button below)

Non-SHB Members:

Send us an email on the contact page. We'll usually respond within a short time, unless you're one of those guys that's reading this and deciding to ask a question at 10:30 on Saturday night. On weekends or night-owl hours, it will likely be the next business day before you hear from us.

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